“The Holy Innocents”

Defying a modern Church that has a larger collection of invertebrates than the London Zoo, an eccentric, faithful priest reaches out to the world.

When bumbling traditionalist Fr. Ambrose is forced out of his parish by his trendy bishop, he continues his ministry as an itinerant in his old Ford Fiesta. He may have lost his marbles, but he hasn’t lost his faith, and he’s determined to save his oddball flock.

There’s Molly the Social Worker, tired, worn out and deserted by her husband. There’s Dave the Sacristan, a foul-mouthed muscle man with a tendency to nick potted plants from offices and shops. He’s being pursued by a vicious gangster. There’s the young Nigerian woman Rachel, an unwed mother shunned by her family and lumbered with a failing business. There’s transgendered lorry driver Bill, unsure of his calling, and Maggie the whore, his girlfriend. Can God do anything with these people?

Fr. Ambrose believes that God can and will. But he’s crazy, right?

“The Holy Innocents” is available from Amazon.com http://tinyurl.com/7u79jou, Amazon.co.uk http://tinyurl.com/74xwurq , Amazon.ca http://tinyurl.com/crdtb8v, Amazon.de http://tinyurl.com/catxfdk , Amazon.fr http://tinyurl.com/af52gbo, and Kobo http://tinyurl.com/bn8bav5

Caution: Strong language, adult themes, and may contain nuts.




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