St. Sally’s Food Cupboard

What do we do?

Each Sunday afternoon after our main service we offer hospitality and a welcome in our church building for an hour to anyone in need of food.

We provide hot drinks, soup, cheese, fruit and sweet and savoury snacks, all of which are donated.

Each adult leaves the church with a bag of basic groceries which includes tinned meat, soup, beans cookies, milk, teabags and noodles. If other items have been donated these are shared on a monthly basis and may include toilet paper, toiletries and cleaning supplies.

To receive what we have to offer, we do not demand attendance at our services, and we do not require a referral from religious, voluntary, or secular agencies. We do not consider such requirements consistent with Christ’s teaching (Matthew 25: 31-46).

We offer the opportunity for prayer either privately or with requests held before God at our weekly services.

We offer a beautiful space for people to meet together and enjoy a time of companionship.

We are linked with other agencies across the city that provide food, advice and support for vulnerable people and we offer information to help people access the services most relevant to them.


Why do we do it?

We are responding to an expressed need for food in our area and in so doing we hope that we are sharing the love of Jesus and obeying his command to feed the hungry.


God provides support for us through:

Our congregation

Most local Episcopal churches, some Church of Scotland congregations, and the RC cathedral

Our diocese and province

The diocese of Iowa, whose generous donation came at a time when we wondered how we would be able to continue funding our growing ministry

Generous individuals who support the work that we are doing among so many vulnerable people in our area.

2 thoughts on “St. Sally’s Food Cupboard

  1. Keep up the Good Work ! One of these days, you’ll probably see me coming up and watching it in action: till then, God Bless and Prosper the work you do in His Name, and for His Glory !

  2. Oh bravo, what a wonderful thing to do – and I like the lack of payback expected… as was beautifully articulated in Orwell’s “Down and Out…”. I think it’s wonderful to do this for people in need without demanding a return – goodness spreads goodness as it is and I’m sure you are changing lives and attitudes with this lovely act of giving.

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